Version: 1.2.9 || Release Date: 2011-08-26 || License: Shareware ($18) App Owner: purge

There are many good reasons that someone would have to transfer music from her iPod back to her computer. There are many good ways to do it, too. Senuti is the only alternative that will give you the power and convenience that you need, wrapped in an interface that is extremely easy to use, at a cost that you can't complain about.

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Taking an open source product closed source after building a following is disgraceful behaviour... I wonder if there were [m]any external contributions?

I'm hosting the GPL'd version of this program here:

paging fsf. there's got to be some sort of gpl violation going on in here. wouldn't mind paying for the hard labor of these folks. but scamming a community? im hoping the libgpod guys take a look at this as well.

please, anyone out there, fork it!

Senuti is no longer free which is a shame. I definitely prefer iPodRip now as it is less buggy.

This works (at least the 0.50.2beta version) with the iPod Touch and I guess also the iphone too. Great app!

Senuti = ituneS in reverse!
It's a great and simple program that lets you do what iTunes won't- pull files off your iPod.
I used it to back up all 15 Gigs of my Gen. 3 iPod and it did a fair job - although a few albums seem to be missing. As for pulling off just a few songs at a time, it's always fast and reliable.

And it's free software! Power to the people.

If you need to restore your iTunes library file from your iPod, including playlists, this is just the tool (great documentation on how to do this is provided as well). My iTunes library file got corrupted and Senuti came to the rescue...worked beautifully. Drag-and-drop simple.

I love senuti. works great

This isn't merely freeware - it's also open source (though not sure what license).

Works perfectly for me. No reason to switch regardless of how much more "elegant" something else is.

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