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Version: 30 || Release Date: 2013-02-08 || License: Freeware Developer: SEO Software | App Owner: linkassistant

SEO PowerSuite is the most comprehensive SEO software bundle on the market

SEO is a fun game when you own SEO PowerSuite tools: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and Link Assistant. Here is one day in the life of Jimmy the blogger, a proud owner of SEO PowerSuite, free edition.

One day, Jimmy woke up, had breakfast, opened up his site and said "Oh Snap!"

Turns out his blog is a true SEO disaster with no keywords built into its content. So Jimmy decides to use Rank Tracker to brainstorm keywords and phrases and use it again to pick out the ones looking most profit-promising and traffic-attractive. Jimmy goes on to rewrite his blog and in a few days asks Rank Tracker to check how well his new keywords are ranking, and, while he is at it, Jimmy is also checking Rank Tracker reports on how his blog rankings compare to those of competitors.

But Jimmy still mopes. His blog visitors are unhappy. In fact, some of them say they are absolutely fed up with the "404 Not Found" errors when trying to access his blog post on "Ramen Noodles and College". And, funny thing, complaints vanish as soon as Jimmy cleans up his blog content and structure using WebSite Auditor.
All is well and swell with his blog. There is one issue, though, that still puzzles Jimmy to no end. There is a chick blogging about college life just like Jimmy. She came out of nowhere and is now outranking Jimmy's blog in major search engines. How did she pull it off? Jimmy turns to SEO SpyGlass to find out. He discovers that the blogger chick has some high-quality backlinks and Jimmy can't wait to use them to beat her.

Now Jimmy has over a hundred link partners to write to but he has a paper due and no time for writing redundant emails. Jimmy is about to panic when he remembers that he has Link Assistant which sends out affiliate correspondence automatically and manages link building campaigns for Jimmy while he is busy writing his research paper.

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SEO PowerSuite - De Facto Standard for SEO

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