Sequel Pro

Version: 1.0.2 || Release Date: 2013-05-07 || License: GPL Developer: Abhi Beckert, Ben Perry, Matt Langtree | App Owner: sequelpro

MySQL Database Management for Leopard and Snow Leopard

Sequel Pro is the premier tool for viewing, editing and managing MySQL databases on Mac OS X.

It is a fork of the popular but abandoned CocoaMySQL project.

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After starting using this, I just even refuse to touch phpmyadmin again. Like my tutor said, can't live without it. Hope it will be always free of charge! Nice app!

I use this to tap into my local and remote databases. It's invaluable.

This app is fucking amazing. It literally blows my mind. It's 100% pefectly integrated and natural in OSX. It's like the Coda of MySQL.

If these guys would make a PHP IDE i'd give them hundreds of dollars for it.

If you are still using PHPMyAdmin then join the future and get this app.

They are also ludicrously helpful and effective on their bug tracker. This is open source being done spectacularly well!

Excellent, indispensable tool which I use extensively for my everyday work. Very Mac-like look-and-feel. All the features you need for getting work done with MySQL, and nothing more (that's a definite plus!)

i own a navicat license but never use it because sequel pro is so much nicer.

perfect... simply perfect app

I submit some suggestions to the development team and they response very fast. With users' and developers' effort together, we can make this great application better and better.
Thank you, Sequel Pro. It is really cool.

oh man, this is hot! seriously, i just went through all the mysql apps, this one is sexy and performs very well!

A very nice app that works just perfect for me. Thanks to the devs!

CocoaMySQL has been my favorite mysql gui.

Very happy CocoaMySQL lives on as Sequel-Pro.

So far the changes in Sequel-Pro look fine.

I like that I don't get an error when I browse for data, double click, copy and deselect the row. This always bugged me in CocoaMysql.


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