Serene Saver Pro

Version: 3.12 || Release Date: 2009-01-23 || License: Commercial with demo (49.95) Developer: Amuse, Inc. | App Owner: serenesaver

Bring your desktop to life with Serene Saver Pro. Serene Saver Pro is the first video desktop and screen saver for the Mac.

A unique cross between a video desktop (moving wallpaper) and a traditional screensaver. Serene Saver Pro brings a whole new dimension to your computing experience by turning your Mac’s desktop into a beautiful, moving environment … complete with soothing sounds.

Serene Saver Pro provides over 3 dozen stunning, relaxing, high definition video scenes shot from all over the world that you can use on your desktop AND as a screen saver. You can even import your own movie segments to create a truly personal and unique desktop environment.

A few of Serene Saver Pro’s many features:

• Lights, Camera, Action: With its video importer, Serene Saver Pro lets you import your own movie scenes. That’s right, your very own creations center stage as your Mac’s desktop and as your screen saver. How cool is that?

• Software With Impeccable Manners: Serene Saver Pro automatically turns itself off or mutes its sound at appropriate times. If, for example, you decide to listen to music, Serene Saver Pro automatically disables and/or mutes itself when iTunes is launched. When you quit iTunes, Serene Saver Pro turns back on.

• Serene Green: Serene Saver Pro is one smart cookie with battery power. When you are in battery power mode on your laptop, Serene Saver Pro can automatically disable itself to conserve your laptops precious juice. Plug in power and Serene Saver Pro will turn itself back on all automatically without you even having to think about it.

• Many more…

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