Version: 1.3 || Release Date: 2007-03-14 || License: Freeware Developer: MacXeagle | App Owner: frostugh

SerialSticker is a license manager. Store all precious license informations about any products. It is very useful when you have to restore your system.

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on groxx's request. or
No it isn't a 'serial' storer as such, but one of those general purpose info storing apps. I've mentioned it here because a) it's what I use for my serials and b) others have made comments about needing to attach files associated with their apps.

It also needs a way to add non-Applications... for example, I want to keep my Windows activation code here.

Beyond the ability to attach licence files and the possibility to choose folders (and not only single applications), there's another thing missing in the current version: some kind of encryption.
Nevertheless, this is already a great piece of software. (And let's not forget that it is free!) But it could be even better with a few add-ons.

@ajbis : can you post a link for that? I can't find it anywhere (the name causes hundreds of totally dissimilar things to come up first).

I can deeply recommend the program Safe Place -

I bought it some year(s) ago and it's always been great. You can also enter your own fields in Safe place.

I use Process for serial numbers. You can attach files (like Stuntsoftware keys or pdf receipts) and web addresses (WebKit). There are lots of these all-purpose info storing apps that are versatile enough for this job.

Yeah, file attachment support is a must.

It also doesn't support multiline keys.

I have to second the attach files statement. I've been using an OmniOutliner file to keep my licences because I can attach licence files to it easily.

It would be nice if you could select folders. In the current version, SerialSticker only allows individual applications.
If you have iWork, you may not choose its folder as a single entry. You must select Pages and Keynote and create an entry for each one. But the registration number is the same for Pages and Keynote. So, one single entry for iWork would be enough.

i'll stick to lots of text files instead. :p it is the first good-looking software of this kind that i came across, though.

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