Version: 1.0.5 || Release Date: 2007-04-04 || License: Freeware App Owner: nickloose

Designed to allow web developers, who deal with many projects at once, quick access to FTP, hosting accounts, domain name accounts and more. Especially when dealing with off-site shared hosting, keeping track of usernames and passwords can be daunting. Serverskine eliminates the terror by allowing you to quickly organize, search, edit, and backup all of your important account information.

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serverskine lost my entries when switching from tiger to leopard. that was not immediately after the upgrade, but a few launches later everything was empty out of a sudden.

i never considered to use it again since, though i've loved using it before!

Agreeing with the previous speaker, it's a nice app. But it could need some polish, 2 things coming to my mind:

- Remembering window size/position between sessions.
- Opening the document that was last opened before quitting.

I'd like to recommend, for those who own <a href="">Safe Place</a> (or a similar app), to just make a new category and enter the info fields that Serverskine uses.

I don't think there are enough people that know about this app! I love it!