Service Scrubber

Version: 1.1.5 || Release Date: 2008-07-18 || License: Freeware Developer: Peter Maurer | App Owner: stridey

services menu manager

Wouldn't the services menu be much more useful if it weren't overcrowded by services you never even thought of using? With Service Scrubber, you can:

  • restructure the services menu
  • change service keyboard shortcuts
  • disable services

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12 Opinions

I actually stopped using services because the menu got all cluttered and it was too messy. Thanks to Service Scrubber I can now enjoy OS X Services again and really YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON SOMETHING if you don't use Services in OS X.

description says it all. who WANTS to use services if 80% of the options therein are never used? clear out the crap, USE your services menu! thumbs up.

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