Version: 2.2 || Release Date: 2007-06-05 || License: Freeware Developer: Michaël Parrot | App Owner: mathieson

A cocoa plugin to set the alpha value of windows. Basically what it does is that it makes all windows, except the one you are working on, transparent so that they look inactive. Its a nice touch.

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1 Opinion

I use crazy backgrounds that i love to see. i use my screen as another place to hang a painting, or w/e you will. and with this, i get to enjoy those peices fo art more!

Features: GREAT, it does almost every window, except iTunes (i haven't found anything to skin that in any fashion) and the finder windows. Includes mounted .dmg files.

Ease of use: Great. 3 clearly labeled sliders. and if those don't work, you can type in the title of the window you want to change. and a button to turn off for the current app.

Value: ....... honestly, im surprised this is free.

Stability: Pretty decent. i have noticed though that some apps get a black bar beneath the buttons if you set the alpha to 100% when in the front. and it sometimes hangs and gets the apps backwards, so that the background app is opaque, and the fore is transparent. but a quick switching of the foreground app fixes that.