Shade Standard

Version: 12.1.2 || Release Date: 2012-08-24 || License: Commercial with demo ($349) App Owner: mirye

3D modeling, rendering and animation for artists, game developers

Shade Standard
3D Creation: Model, Render and Animate

Create or import models, build scenes and render! Build models for your 3d games. Use 3D modeling tools to build organic, mechanical and architectural designs. Shade gives you the tools; you provide the imagination. Shade is scalable to projects of any size - great art, film or game content development.

First released in 1986, Shade is one of the oldest, most consistently used 3D products today on Mac OS X and Windows. Shade is published worldwide by Mirye Software.

Upgrade to Shade Professional add more features (normal mapping, ).

Modeling Tools

* All Basic curved, expanded polymesh tools, boolean + deformation, and conversion tools

* complete hair and fur tool set for creating realistic characters

* use photos and illustrations to generate objects

Materials and Surface Tools

* unlimited layers of materials, textures, UV editor and displacement mapping

* volumetric materials and material effects

* projection mapping to set up your materials

Set Up Tools

* unlimited number of custom, static, animated cameras

* control shadow rendering

* volumetric lighting, image based lighting, support for negative lights

* camera control with tilt, video safe zones

Rendering and Animation

* multi-pass rendering, toon rendering

* advanced physics system and particle effects

* radiosity and global illumination options

* Post processing effects!

* 32/64/128 bit depth with color correction; HDRI image support

* Transformation animation, morphing and camera animation

* 3D stereo sounds with doppler effect

* real 3D stereoscopic rendering and exporting as .mpo (for Stereoscopic 3D TV)


* Python-based scripting and SDK

* share with COLLADA software

* import SketchUp

* import Poser® figure with animation

* export Wavefront OBJ file to corroborate with other 3D tools

* import/export as QuickTime movies

* export QTVR panorama cubic-panorama and object movie

* import Adobe Illustrator files(.eps) for conversion into 3D

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