Version: 2.3 || Release Date: 2009-08-11 || License: BSD License App Owner: axonal

Shiira is a web browser based on Web Kit and written in Cocoa. The goal of the Shiira Project is to create a browser that is better and more useful than Safari. All source code used in this software is publicly available.

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to open a window, I need to delete first the plist files. I tried to change the acl with batchmod. No change. I'm waiting for a release...

As for the "no adblocker" part, just run it in combination with Privoxy and you should be fine.

It's a fantastic browser but unfortunately it has no adblocker...

I have so much hope for this just isn't where it should be, especially for a v2.0 build. It's stable, but it's not very functional.

I completely agree with gustomela, Shiira is way too buggy for an actual non-beta release. It has potential to be a nice browser, but the fact that it "unexpectedly quit" every time I tried to quit, you can't put bookmarks in the bookmark bar, etc., etc., makes it just plain unusable at this point. I'll check back in about 6 or so months.

2.0 ridiculously buggy for a non-beta version...
really did't meet my expectations, i'm quite disappointed ;(

Thanks for the tip.
But I have already replaced this buggy version 2.0 with the old and trusty 1.2.2.

You can get 'nightlies' from by going to the most recent date but there isn't always a new nightly.

Shiira shows loading in the PageDock preview and if you use the Tab bar it shows a small cake in that tab title.

Where do you get nightlies from?

It's strange this was labeled as a final release. I had been using the nightlies and this is really just as buggy as those where. A great browser that still needs a lot of squashed bugs before it really goes gold.

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