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Shiira is a web browser based on Web Kit and written in Cocoa. The goal of the Shiira Project is to create a browser that is better and more useful than Safari. All source code used in this software is publicly available.

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Let me add just two more notes about Shiira 2.0: one positive, the other not...
This new version is much faster than version 1.2.2 (New version of Web Kit?)
But another thing missing is a progression bar for page loading.
I really like Shiira 1.2.2. But I'm disapointed with this version 2.0.

Unfortunately this is not the definitive Shiira 2.0 we were waiting for.
There are still too many bugs, lots of preferences that do not work yet, no way to organize the bookmarks in the Shelf, no way define the home page as the opening page when the browser is launched, etc., etc., etc.
IMHO, this is should have been labelled as another beta version and not as the final 2.0.
On the other side, the new panels for bookmarks, downloads and history are just beautiful.
But this version fails were it should not: in the functionality.
Well... Back to version 1.2.2... At least until all these bugs aren't fixed.

I love the beta. But it's not usable right now. I hope they will ever release a final version.

This is one cool browser. I can't wait for a stable 2.0 build!

Shiira replacement icons:

Shiira unified metal hack (though most would simply use Uno):

For a browser with such good momentum, I find it perplexing that it sports such an awkward name, though I understand that since the developer originates from japan, his sensibilities must be far different from mine. Still, it's an important app: a webcore browser with advanced features.

Thanks for your reply diggn_it.

Just to clarify a few of the points you made in your post dated 2006-11-16:

"...everything I said was true."
No, you claimed that Shiira was lacking features that it has.

"Shiira, as of time of post, did not have any of the things I said it didnt have."
The latest stable version of Shiira (the one that is listed here at time of writing) is 1.2.2, which was released on March 14, 2006, complete with the RSS and search bar features that you mistakenly said were missing in your post of October 25, 2006.

"Apparently this has since changed"
The current stable version of the software was actually released over seven months before you posted your comments.

Hope this helps avoid any more misunderstanding!

i'm waiting for 2, too. i love shiira but it's not good enough.. yet. when it can handle gotomypc and wordpress no problem, i'm down.

Er, diggn_it, fair enough you are a confirmed Firefox fan, but please, try to make accurate posts about software. The great thing with IUT is that we can all contribute to the community and our user experiences help others make an informed choice about what software best suits their needs.

Saying that "... unlike firefox, safari, and Opera, Shiira has no rss and does not even contain a search bar ..." is frankly bizarre. The latest stable build of Shiira DOES support RSS and has a great search bar with user-configurable engines! The version 2.0 preview is just that - an early look that is currently still (very much) in beta and far from complete - features mysteriously come and go in the nightly builds!

When I first saw Shiira a while back it didn't offer enough to take the place of Safari but the current 1.2.2 release does, serving up better performance and some nice extra features. You might also be interested in the bug-fixes that Brad at AppleNova has beaten the project developers to:

I don't use this current version os Shiira but I'm keeping a close eye on Version 2.0 - from the Beta 1 I have here it's looking very promising indeed.

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