Version: 4.0.2 || Release Date: 2015-08-19 || License: Shareware ($49.95) Developer: Feingeist | App Owner: guru

Shimo is the swiss army knife for VPN connections. It supports almost all VPN protocols out there! Cisco, IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP and even SSH are no problem for Shimo

Shimo is able to automate everything around your secure network connections: Establish connections automatically when you change your network location, execute AppleScripts on certain events or get notified about these events.
This is just a very small excerpt of Shimo's capabilities. Feel free to download Shimo from our website and find out about its extraordinary feature set. The downloadable version comes without any restrictions and therefore you are able to find out if it suits your personal requirements before you buy a license!

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Unlike some commenters, I'm perfectly happy to pay $21 US (per avaricious PayPal conversion rate) for the new version. I've used the old, "free" version for several months and really like it. I think people who have an actual need for a VPN, especially a Cisco VPN, should be able to easily justify the expense. And if you're more interested in the tunneling features, there are several alternatives to choose from, both free and commercial.

The payment process wasn't very smooth: I paid and got no license key. However, support sent me my license about 20 minutes after I contacted them, which is a pretty good response time, so it's not a big deal.

To recap: I think it's worth the money, I think wishing it were free is at best in bad taste, I think the upgrade is fair (it warns you about the fee; you do read your upgrade notices before clicking OK, right?); and I strongly disagree with bogen about PayPal being a good payment provider.

There is a switch to turn auto-reconnection on and off in each profile configuration!

Version 2.0.1 auto-reconnects to the VPN server after a connection is broken by network disconnection. It isn't possible to turn this off. This is a regression from 1.0.7.

The change of license for Shimo 2 puts users in a dilemma. Many of us don't use the new features, and don't see a good reason to pay for Shimo 2.

The natural thing to do would be to take the GPLed code from Shimo 1.0.7, continue to distribute Shimo 1.0.x for free, make bugfix releases, and maintain it. I think this would serve the majority of existing Shimo users really well.

However, the Shimo developer is now attempting to make money out of Shimo. He's more than entitled to do this, and I encourage everyone who needs Shimo 2 to purchase it. However, if a third party continues to release Shimo 1.0.x, this might have a severe impact on the developer's ability to sell Shimo 2.

It seems that we have a situation where the interests of the software developer and his users are opposed. Whose interests are more important? Is it morally reprehensible for third parties to distribute 1.0.x for free, even though it would be perfectly legal? Or are the new features of Shimo 2 so compelling that version 1 would not significantly compete with version 2?

For those of you who really want to downgrade to an unsupported version 1.0.7, please send an email to support [at] and I will send you a link to Shimo 1.0.7

Beware of the auto-update! If you allow version 1 of Shimo to auto-update to version 2, you'll be left with an unusable free version, unless you register. And I can't find anywhere to re-download version 1, so you might be stuck with it!

If you haven't been auto-updated by accident, here's my buyer's guide:

Version 1 is the best choice for basic Cisco VPN users. The free version 2 has a huge non-dismissable nag screen, and seems to disconnect periodically. It's unusable, and you should avoid it.

Choose version 2 if you need SSH or OpenVPN support, .mac syncing, automatic connections based on network location or scripting. Or, if you want to support the developer (as I did). You don't need Shimo for PPTP/L2TP support -- it's built-in to Tiger and above at least.

I will no longer be using Shimo. Suddenly going from freeware to crippled payware with no warning whatsoever, resulting in obnoxious popup windows that can't be closed, is not a behavior I will tolerate from my software. I would have paid for this, had I been appropriately informed.

The price for a Shimo license is €12.95 and not €14.95. Furthermore I have to say it again that Shimo2 is not just an update to the old 1.X release. It s a completely new piece of software which can be used independently from Cisco's client and supports many more VPN protocols. If you compare this feature set to our competitors' then it becomes clear that €12.95 for a license is even relatively cheap...

Just updated to 2.0.1 today (from a 1.x version, I think). Got an obnoxious nag window that can't be dismissed touting "registered version" features that I already had in the 1.x and asking for a price (€14.95) well out of line for something which only nominally improves the flow of using Cisco VPNs.

No explanation of the "advanced features". "Unlimited connection time" which I had in 1.x, meaning they've intentionally crippled 2.x. Over priced "upgrade".


re: tommie's comment. I don't quite see why it would be wrong to charge for something that is an extension to open source software, as long as the added features will make up for the added price. Just to mention one mere example; take a look at Safari, which is a software built upon open source code, for which you'll indirectly end up paying for.

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