Version: 4.0.2 || Release Date: 2015-08-19 || License: Shareware ($49.95) Developer: Feingeist | App Owner: guru

Shimo is the swiss army knife for VPN connections. It supports almost all VPN protocols out there! Cisco, IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP and even SSH are no problem for Shimo

Shimo is able to automate everything around your secure network connections: Establish connections automatically when you change your network location, execute AppleScripts on certain events or get notified about these events.
This is just a very small excerpt of Shimo's capabilities. Feel free to download Shimo from our website and find out about its extraordinary feature set. The downloadable version comes without any restrictions and therefore you are able to find out if it suits your personal requirements before you buy a license!

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Please download the final version of Shimo 2.0 ... the problem with the preference panel should be fixed!

Shimo is great and i'm going to using it in the future as well as until now. But:
What's going on with the latest beta? The preferences panel doesn't work. The nag window show only for the first time, the program is started. Btw. How do I obtain the licenced version? I'd be very thankful for any answer.

btw: the nag screen is only displayed after the first run of Shimo. If you click ignore in the dialog window, it will not be shown again!

I have been using the Cisco VPN client and a dashboard widget to turn it on and off....this is a much cleaner, less obtrusive & altogether nicer experience -- I realize that I dreaded using the VPN b/c of all the click throughs and the Cisco client maximizing etc. Now I just leave Shimo running all the time (so there's no nag screen @ exit) for a virtually instant connection / disconnection.

You forgot about features like automatic reconnecting, keyboard shortcuts, notifications, wireless-lan recognition ...
But of course it is your decision to live without those!

Shimo trades a few keystrokes (the "hide" command after logging in on Cisco) for valuable real estate on the menu bar and one more app to worry about, since it still requires the VPN client in the background..
Your mileage may vary, but I did not find this to be enough to keep it.

It's hard to ignore it when you spam all the other VPN packages out there. Seriously unprofessional. I know I won't be using any of your software as a result.

We just wanted to inform those users that there is a beta test they can participate in. We don't force anyone to do anything, so please stop beeing annoyed by it. Ignore it if you are not interested in this beta test.

Why don't you guys quit spamming the comments sections of the other VPN client pages on iusethis? That's really annoying - and unprofessional.

See the comments under Tunnelblick VPN Tracker, SSH Tunnel Manager, Digitunnel, and IPSecuritas, all of which contain variations on the following text:

"The VPN client Shimo will support SSH connections in its next release. Thus we need some beta testers for the SSH functionalities. Please visit to be part of the beta test..."

Does anyone know how to disable the nagging donate screen which pops up when quitting the application?

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