Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2009-06-14 || License: Commercial with demo ($35) Developer: Audacious Software | App Owner: cjkarr

Home automation for the masses.

Shion puts control of your home (and other environments) in your fingertips by allowing you to monitor and control lamps, appliances, and other devices using your Mac with modern and legacy home automation technologies. Favorite environment settings may be saved as snapshots and these may be bound to events such as sunrise & sunset, remote control presses, and prescheduled times.

Designed to be simple and powerful, Shion is the home automation program built for the rest of us. Its intuitive interface allows you to get up and running with a minimal amount of configuration and input. For more advanced users, it provides a complete AppleScript interface that allows the program to be easily incorporated into existing configurations.

Shion is free for use with three (3) or fewer controllable devices. To use Shion with larger configurations, you may purchase a license for $35 (USD).

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2 Opinions

Well, it's a good thing that INSTEON equipment doesn't work in France. ;-)

"Shions" in french sounds exactly like "Chions" which means "Let's poo".
I won't download this software to my mac !!!