Version: 1.7.3 || Release Date: 2008-07-20 || License: Commercial with demo (29.99) Developer: KavaSoft | App Owner: surtin

Great image browser, viewer and organizer. Even better then iPhoto in performance. Tons of useful features. Comes in Express (smaller libraries) and Pro (for those with huge image libraries) versions.

Note: Pro version is 79.99, shown price is for the Express version.

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OK, more bad news about the app... apart from stability problem (the app would crash randomly and loose the data you had entered during the session), the missing -- but advertised -- backup feature and the UI bug... this application just breaks down when you try recovering from a backup.

I just updated to leopard, after backing up all the system, my photos and taking care of saving Shoebox database and preferences. After a reinstall, shoebox is unable to reuse the saved database... it just lost the tag data and backup info of 30'701 photos I had catalogued in it.

I already emailed their support 3 times in 4 months with no replies.

This is not worth 30$, not 70$, I won't even recommend it as a free software... even if I was quite positive about it when I first tried it...

ok, after some time of using it: some important main features like the import from backup disk are not working at all. There also a bit of awkward bugs in the interface.
The support is inexistant, no reply from KavaSoft to many emails I have sent about hese problems.

I started a page on getsatisfaction for everyone having problems with this soft:

still better than iphoto and a good idea.

it's fast, load better than iphoto to manage large photo collection. However it's still a bit unstable (not as bad as iPhoto though) and buggy on corners (I can't get the backup import feature to work).

If you have the courage, you can install fink and compile KPhotoAlbum, it has most of the features of classification offered here, just missing the very good OS X integration and look that shoebox offers.

Even with the stability problems I am having, I am happy to have bough a license of shoebox.

I really liked the app. Very easy/fun to tag and organize photos. Also easy to search both tagged an non Tagged photos.

I didn't notice an issue with customization of the ui. It was very intuitive for me.

Getting the photos out of iPhoto and into Shoebox was also easy. The difficulty in getting the data out of shoebox and back into iPhoto should I decide to go elsewhere is what ruined it for me.

Despite the lack of customizability on the layout, the out of the box experience, speed and design from this little app on how to treat big images is beyond those of its predecessors. Price can be cheaper (free for express, $30 for Pro should be about right?) :)