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redate and rename folders of images

A small workflow-example

Two guys made photos from the same event:
- G1: old camera with small memory cards -> three folders, each with imagenames "DSC00001 - DSC00xxx".
- G2: modern camera -> one folder with imagenames "P1010741 - P1010xxx".
Both camera-dates where not synchronized, so the images are in the wrong order when imported into iPhoto, for example.

So, let's fix this mess ... launch shootShifter and drag the folders onto the app.

Thumbnails for all images are created and displayed in chronological order.
You can click on individual images to view them in the more detailed preview-drawer.
Select one of the folders to make it the active one (the thumbnails are moved a few pixels up)

Now you can move this active folder in time. Either by modifying the changes-interface in the right-hand drawer, or by simply dragging around one of its thumbnails.

After dropping the thumbnail you can verify the amount of the changes and the new order of all the images. If everything is correct, you can save these changes.

Be sure to verify and adjust the renaming options and then press the "Continue" button.

You are done. All the imagedates are correct and the pics are named in a way that you can store them easily in one folder.

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3 Opinions

finally i found a useful piece of software for exif editing.
this program is perfect for my needs to batch edit the date and rename many pictures. thank you very much for this

Brilliant!. I was about to buy a (quite cheap) bit of software to reset the dates on a bunch of pix taken after my camera battery had run down. Trouble with that is you lose the sequence of the precise times at which the pix were taken. ShootShifter lets you set either the precise shift in time/date you want to apply, or (and here's the cool bit) set the precise time/date you want to apply to the first pic in your series, and it applies the same shift to all the others in the folder. It's also worth noting that you can rename your pix very flexibly as part of the same process.

Elegant, clear interface too. Simply brilliant.

This is one of the smartest software I have seen in a long time. The interface is very easy to use and does what it says in the minimum of hassles.

It is very useful to synchronise different sets of photos from the same trip/event but from different people and fix the dates as many people forget to set them properly when travelling, changing time, etc.