Version: 1.7.6 || Release Date: 2009-10-29 || License: Shareware (24.95 USD) Developer: Wonder Warp Software | App Owner: dangrover

ShoveBox catches all those little scraps of information that you can't act on now but would rather not forget. It sits up in your menubar, waiting for you to drag in text, images, urls, and more.

It makes it incredibly easy to get data in. Just drag it in from near any program, or use QuickJot to type it out before you have a chance to forget.

When you come up for air, ShoveBox also provides a sensible interface to sort everything you shoved during the day. And by setting up powerful importing rules, you can drastically reduce the thinking you'll have to do later.

It's all about spending less time processing and more time actually doing things.

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Great app, you can even add keyboard shortcuts to access your docs. Only BIG drawback: docs are not indexed by Spotlight. Makes it unusable for a professional use. Otherwise, almost perfect for everyday life.

Image management is bad. Can't just copy image after opening it! No drag and drop either. You have to export it! Hope this changes soon ...

I did a review for them on Shovebox on my YouTube. I love this app. Tons of ways to save information, easy to get to it AND it has a syncable iPhone app!

free on current nano macheist

Yojimbo appears to be abandonware, having not had an update in over a year. Evernote is ad supported, unless you want to shell out annually. Also, its iPhone application is slow because it keeps all your documents in the cloud, rather than on the iPhone itself.

The ShoveBox developer says tagging is coming soon, so hold tight.

Evernote is free, but I much rather prefer ShoveBox: clean, fast and has great features (better implemented than in Evernote, imo). A great system to store webarchives, pictures, notes and bookmarks. And then sync them between your Mac and iPhone.
Btw, there's a promo now: buying the iPhone app you get a coupon that will give you 40% discount on the desktop app.

not worth the money.. $25? then $4 for the iphone app? evernote is completely free. i realize that they're different. there's another app that is more similar, called scribblet. i believe that works similarly and is free.

To pinkskittles...this app isn't even close to EverNote. They are totally different applications.

You can get this and Process 3 for free on

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