Version: 1292 || Release Date: 2014-10-29 || License: Freeware Developer: Utsire | App Owner: 0_1

RSS & Atom news reader.

Shrook 2 is a next-generation news reader that offers advanced features not available to Mac users anywhere else. Some aren't available on any platform. It supports all versions of RSS and Atom. And it's all really easy to use, too. Feature highlights included synchronization, full podcast support, smart groups, built-in browser and innovative user-interface.

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It's very capable, especially the "learning groups" and "smart groups". And the fact your subscriptions are backed up to the web. But now I've added 375 feeds and it slows down the rest of my system so much while it's running that it becomes unusable. Which is a shame because I haven't seen a more capable RSS reader.

I've tried NetNewsWire, NewsFire, NewsMac, and Vienna. Shrook is my favorite. One thing i really like about it is its triple pane view. Works really good on a wide screen mac.

it's not just the brushed metal, it's a clunky UI. I tried and tried to get used to it, even ponied up for a month of so, check off news life, pulp fiction, newsfire, and now shrook. back to netnewswire....

Reliable, free rss with Growl integration.

usin this and i think its pretty cool, still gotta setup my account tho to sync it

NetNewsWire had frustrating synchronization problems with .Mac (I use different computers at home and like to have my feeds synchronized via .Mac). I tried Shrook, and I didn't like the interface as much. The final straw came when it started requiring payment for its account (used for synchronization) - I don't like the interface enough, and I already paid for NetNewsWire.

Tried this a while ago. They really need to get rid of that brushed metal interface.