Version: 1.2.6 || Release Date: 2009-12-31 || License: Freeware Developer: Stephen Pike (steve[at] | App Owner: stringfellow

Music tagging via iTunes

Shtaggle lets you tag music in iTunes - it makes use of tags from, and gets lyrics from

Shtaggle can also send tags back to

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Unfortunately it crashes upon opening on Snow Leopard. Still, looks promising so hope to revisit once it's up and running again :-)

Ok... check out the new one... let me know what you think!

yeah, actually the interface should be worked before the genre thing, agreed. there are great widgets and software pieces that give great examples of how a dozen (or hundreds of) tags may come together in a small yet working interface. the player itself has proved how to the it back when you could select multiple tags to play in the radio.

i guess if you manage to break through with the interface there'll be many more interests into the program! good luck (with the new api) !

Your wish is my command... I will try and get it in 1.0.5 for you.
... depending on how the interface re-jig goes....

stringfellow... i want the option to send to the GENRE field in itunes! thats it. i see how i may choose how many tags are pulled... so i can say take just one.

in fact i ran the program since yesterday and i like how the tags are ADDED to the given stuff in the comment field.

still i want the OPTION to actually send the top tag to the genre field. or any number of results if possible.

NB: there may be a bug in the latest version- it might try to automatically tag the track despite the option being off in prefs... set the option on, then ok it, then set it to off again and ok again. Sorry about that.
Will fix this for next release.

Single tag? What do you mean? You can apply as many or few as you like - just click the words in the tag clouds...

oh, it actually sends the tags to the comment field, instead of giving me the chance to send it to GENRE

also does not work to tag ogg (flac) files within itunes... haven't tested with 'play' (app) though

give me a button to apply a single tag to the current playing track.

also i dont get the mood icons.