Shuffle Desktop

Version: 1.2.3b3 || Release Date: 2008-06-25 || License: Freeware Developer: kkillian | App Owner: kkillian

ShuffleDesktop is a Wallpaper Manager for your Mac, with a really efficient and simple shuffle algoritm.With a nice interface it lets you organize all your wallpapers in playlists, rate them, programmatically change your desktop and much more.

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Well... It seems to me that the version is wrong again...
It's 1.2.5b3 (one dot two dot FIVE beta three) and not 1.2.3b3 (one dot two dot THREE beta three).

Good idea for 90% of the app, but downloading things from their wallpaper-RSS feeds is kinda buggy & very slow (could be the hosts there, though), and eats up a ton of processing power when it changes the background. No clue why. I'd love to see a correctly-implemented similar application, but oddly enough I haven't run across any yet.

My personal favorite BG app lately has been Wallpaper Clocks. Small processing, & makes my desktop useful.

The latest version of Shuffle Desktop is 1.2.5b2 (not 1.0.1).

Doesn't let you use a different image for multiple displays, can't set images as paired (such as images that should always appear together, a left and right of a given image), can't set image's max sizes (to prevent a 1920×1200px image from being stretched to your 30"). Not to mention that the author has no grasp of the english language, it almost hurts to read his site. iTunes style program for desktops? Good idea. This program? Bad implementation.