Sibelius 5 First

Version: 5.2 || Release Date: 2008-10-18 || License: Commercial with demo (129.99) Developer: Sibelius | App Owner: afterwords

The easiest way to turn your songs into amazing scores, tab or lead sheets.

It’s time to share the song in your head with the rest of the world. Sibelius First unleashes the songwriter in you – simply and easily.

If you’re more comfortable with a guitar or keyboard than the intricacies of musical notation, Sibelius First is for you. It’s the easy way to create scores that you can print, share, post online, or even sell. Sibelius First features “can’t mess-up” templates and plug-ins to help you create lead sheets, guitar tab and complete scores. Simply play your MIDI keyboard or MIDI guitar (or use your computer mouse and keyboard) and First turns your music into notes and chord symbols. Just add lyrics – and your name. The world is waiting.

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