Version: 1.7.3 || Release Date: 2007-12-28 || License: Freeware Developer: Pierre Chatel | App Owner: arne

Sidenote is an advanced note taking utility. Designed to be a central piece of your digital life. It'll hide in the edge of your screen and be available whenever you need it. It's a powerfull, full featured, yet very easy to use sticky replacement.

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I love this app, but it still does not work well with Leopard spaces, which significantly limits it's usefulness for me.

I love it!!

I have this set up on the side button of my mouse -- I use it all the time when it's just a click away. :)

Interface glitches under Leopard; doesn't play well with Spaces. Too bad, this used to be one of my favorite apps.

I absolutely LOVE this app. definitely a favorite.

One of the coolest freeware app ever! A huge fan.

Fantastic little app, very very useful!

The "pops up when your cursor moves to the side of the screen" is annoying as hell. Assign a hotkey instead.

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