Silent Sniper 2.27 UK

Version: 2.3 || Release Date: 2008-01-19 || License: Shareware (19,95 $) App Owner: est2000

A snipe bid is placed near the end of the auction, usually around 10 seconds before it ends, which doesn't give people you outbid a chance to come back and bid again.

There are very few practical reasons to bid on an auction days before it ends. That just gives other bidders a chance to raise your final price, or actually outbid you, causing you to lose auctions. However, most people can't be at their computer when every auction ends.

Let Silent Sniper bid for you seconds before the auction end. This program will save you money by lowering your final price paid for auctions, and can pay for itself after a few auctions.

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2 Opinions

Very buggy and kind of ugly, defenitely sub standard on mac (seems to be a port from windows). The installation file for just Intel didn't work, so I used the universal but it also crashes whenever I want to add an auction.

I'm curious:

Who's going to win if there are more than one Silent Sniper user in the same auction?