Version: 2.6.5 || Release Date: 2013-09-19 || License: Commercial with demo ($49.95) Developer: | App Owner: natalie

Spontaneous, unobtrusive usability testing software for website designers.

Usability testing is last on everybody's list of priorities. It's time-consuming, can require specialist equipment, and is expensive to outsource. Not any more.

Silverback makes it easy, quick and cheap for everyone to perform guerilla usability tests with no setup and no expense, using hardware already in your Mac.

Silverback runs on Mac OSX Tiger and Leopard with a built-in iSight or some alternative.

The software is free for 30 days and only US $49.95 to register from then on.

Clearleft will donate 10% of all profits from Silverback to saving the gorillas . For help and support, visit Get Satisfaction

Silverback was developed by Clearleft and Mild Mannered Industries with additional design and illustration by Hicksdesign.

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1 Opinion

I have had problems with other usability apps screwing up a session with all their features, quitting early, compression-on-the-fly, etc. Silverback makes it hard to mess up, and the bookmarking feature makes post-production much quicker.

And really, do options such as adjusting the size and exact placement of the isight capture really help that much?