Simple Comic

Version: 1.7 || Release Date: 2010-04-07 || License: Other Open Source Developer: Dancing Tortoise Software | App Owner: arau

Comics simplified

Simple Comic is an attempt to make an extremely streamlined comic viewer for os-x. Features that do not bear on the core functionality will not be added. All basic features should be easy to understand and manipulate.


  • Page Layout: Pages laid out as they would be in print
  • Page Ordering: Left to right or right to left
  • Page Scaling: Original size, window fit and horizontal fit
  • Fullscreen: Maximize viewing area
  • Archive Handling: Seamlessly deals with .cbr, .cbz, .zip, .rar, tar, 7z, lha and others
  • Multiple Sessions: View multiple comics at one time
  • Auto-save: Comics are automatically bookmarked and reopened at launch
  • Page Rotation: Rotate the pages to maximize display area
  • Image Loupe: Zoom in on small details
  • Full Screen Thumbnail View: Quickly find the page you want
  • Simplicity: Does not attempt to be all things to all people

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12 Opinions

wonderful application :)

I really like Sequential, which shares the same goals. How is this better?

I use this app and I love it! I have found it very useful opening PDF's also! (mainly magazine-type pdf's)

Just wanted to say how cool this app is. The best comic viewer for Mac in my opinion, the quicklook generator is pure awesomeness. And Arau is also very kind and willing to help, too =)

Try out the Leopard beta, it has a built in quicklook module for cbr and cbz files.

Amazing app, it's replaced ComicBookLover hands down. One neat thing ComicBookLover does that this doesn't, though, is change a comic file's icon in Finder to a small preview of the cover. I think that's pretty darn slick, if of little practical value.

EDIT: I can actually just open all my new comics first with the trial of ComicBookLover to get the icon made...not ideal, but it works.

This is great for reading all kinds of PDFs, not only comics. The image loupe is much more efficient than zooming in and out in Preview, and the full screen feature is not cluttered up with floating palettes. Only wish I could use left/right arrow to turn pages, since pageup/down requires both hands on laptops and the new Bluetooth keyboard.

thanks arau - you're right it does open an entire folder. i just opened over 450 pages and it performs super quick!

i had noticed the auto bookmark feature and like it a lot. however, sometimes i start a comic and go read loads of other stuff before returning back to the original one. a bookmark system would allow me to open the first one some time in the future without leaving it open every time i use the program.

like i say i love the app so please don't feel you have to bust your balls to integrate it, but as you asked for feedback i thought i'd offer some :)

ps - i like the look of the latest version, gr8 work.

bifter: I know this might not be exactly what you are looking for but...

When you quit Simple Comic all open comics are bookmarked and then restored at next launch.
Opening a folder of archives does work to the best of my knowledge.

I tried all the comic reading apps I could find for OS X and this was by far the best. I use Comix quite a lot in Ubuntu and really like it. This is the closest thing.

As you asked for suggestions how about being able to bookmark pages? This would be great for those reading more than one comic at once ;) Also, it'd be great if you could open a folder with multiple comics in - then when you finish one the next one would automatically load as you flick to the next page.

These are just suggestions I think it is a great app :)

It has never crashed on my MacBook.

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