Simple List

Version: 1.4.1 || Release Date: 2008-06-19 || License: Shareware ($9.95) Developer: ARTIS Software | App Owner: bitnix

To-do list featuring Bonjour sync with other users.

Simple List is a straightforward to-do list application that doesn't get in your way. It lets you create to-to lists in the most simple way. Download and use it, there is no learning curve!

Features include an instantenous search field, convenient keyboard shortcuts, unlimited undo/redo, sorting, priorities, and a document-based model that lets you put the to-do list together with the other files of the project.

Last but not least Simple List makes teamwork easy: Using Bonjour, Apple's zero configuration networking technology, you may forward to-do items to your colleagues by just drag-and-dropping items onto their names. It does not get any simpler!

Simple List has a lot of nice features like:

+ instant filtering while you type to find items quickly
+ drag & drop to quickly rearrange items
+ very comfortable keyboard navigation
+ auto-opening to automatically open your everyday lists
+ multiple documents for all your different lists
+ an archive to lookup things done in the past
+ zero configuration teamwork on your network

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2 Opinions

There's also an optional enhancement app for this software, called Simple List Team Server ($19.95) targeted for small businesses, which works like an email server for to-do items. Lets you forward items to persons not currently online and get them delivered when they get online.

This app offers excellent collaboration features. As simple as it gets, yet very efficient and free of things you really don't need.