Version: 3.9 || Release Date: 2009-05-09 || License: Shareware ($30 USD) Developer: AeroQuartet | App Owner: ptoal

The Happy QuickTime Pro Replacement that Does MPEG

For about the same price as QuickTime Pro, you will get an awesome movie editor that keeps the best of QuickTime Pro, and adds compelling features :

* AVI and MPEG-4 editing
* Chapters and Split
* Very big files (greater than 4GB) are supported
* Batch converter
* Audio waveform and Resynchronization

* MPEG editing and exporting
* Search Pane to quickly find interesting segments
* Adaptable Timeline

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6 Opinions

This is the only Movie editor I use. It does everything I need it to do (which is only basic compared to the needs of a professional film editor) without having to spend hours learning how to use the more sophisticated, often bloated and very much more expensive film editing apps. Superb for most average user needs.

Really nice program. I found it quite easy to use and the trial version is very generous!

This is so much nicer than QuickTime Pro.. (and safer for my sanity)
It's simple to use, no learning curve basically and it works like a charm. The interface makes sense and it doesn't try to improvise like QT Pro seemed to do. I was using it to stitch a bunch of clips together and for these purposes at least it did exactly what I wanted it to.

Searching in a movie with the thumbnail view is very nice.
It would be interesting to have this view in fullscreen mode (like the slideshow index), instead of showed only in a pane.

Bought after two hours use! Fantabulous. Opens files based on your Quicktime plugins, pairs nicely with iSquint if you need to convert crazy formats. It handles 30+ gig uncompressed MOVs like a dream, and reference movies are fun. Making chapters and crop/trimming is exactly how it should work: no-nonsense and fast. The keyframe navigation and frame previewing is inspired.

Other key features: AutoRecovery; 3G export; resize; rotate (yes!); save trims without re-compressing; join multiple clips.

As I said, a quick buy for me.

wow...I can't believe that I never knew about this app before...this is absolutely amazing! You can tell it was designed by someone who actually seriously USES apps like this, and was not satisfied with what was already out there. Even the "little things", like the adaptive zooming timeline when editing long movies, shows that the developer truly "gets it".

If they can enhance their nice "gallery" feature so that it creates the gallery icons based on scene/cut detection (and not just arbitrary slices of time), it would be damned near perfect!

Thanks for posting this!