Version: 0.2 || Release Date: 2010-12-17 || License: Freeware Developer: Earth People | App Owner: earthpeople

Super simple music player, do a search and play the result.

SimpleSong lets you do a spotlight search for music and then plays the search result as a playlist.

You can also double click or drag tracks to the dock icon to open them as a playlist, to get your song playing within a second.

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2 Opinions

An integrated spotlight search doesn't make much sense to me as long a no results list is displayed. The way it is, this serves more like Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky".

So, nice as a Drag'n'Drop target to play files if you have a need for this (a menubar icon would make sense, btw, as would controls in the dock menu), but that spotlight thingy I don't get.

Oh, buttons for "pause" and "previous track" wouldn't harm, I guess.

Oh snap! I was looking for something simple like this, this is maybe too simple, but VERY nice to have rocking on the side when you have 20 other memory-consuming apps running.

The only thing that would make this nifty little thingy absolutely fantastic for me, is that if it could load songs from itunes playlists. (select playlist, and play those songs, because sometimes i cant remember the names of the songs).

Oh, and it should also work with play/pause keyboard button. :)

Overall 9/10

Good job!