Version: 1.1.1 || Release Date: 2009-08-29 || License: Freeware Developer: Adam Fisher-Cox, Josh Holat, Joel Levin. | App Owner: adamfc

SimpleTask for Mac brings both a beautiful interface and an unparalleled ease of use to your Mac.

Other task lists, GTD apps, and to-do lists may be easy to use. Some have fantastic interfaces, others not so much. One thing that other to-do lists don't have is simplicity. SimpleTask for Mac brings both a beautiful interface and an unparalleled ease of use to your Mac.

Adding a task is as simple as hitting Enter. From there you can type in your information, and hit Enter again to confirm. You'll never have to move your hands from the keyboard, making adding to your to-do list as simple as writing on a piece of paper.

Sure, we're trying to bring the ease of the paper To-Do list to the computer, but that doesn't mean we're bringing along all its inconveniences as well. SimpleTask automatically sorts by the date created, but you can drag them into any order you want, to prioritize your way. Tasks can be edited at any time, and if you accidentally delete a task, it's a snap to pop it right back on your Pending Task list.

With the color tagging built into SimpleTask, the possibilities are many. Use bright pretty colors to call your attention to important tasks, use a color coding system to tell at a glance what type of tasks are on your plate for the day, or just pretty up your computer screen with a rainbow of tasks!

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7 Opinions

Very happy with the functionality and design of this app. Very useful with the ability to sync iMac version to iPod Touch or iPhone. Recommended.

@johnny_boy Adding iCal support to a client that in its very nature doesn't support dates and scheduling would have no practicality.

Beautiful and functional, but doesn't sync with iCal/Mail. Developers are not interested in implementing this feature either, possibly because they are a profit-based company.

After using ST for the last two days I have to add one more comment:
Forget what I wrote before about adding two more importance levels.
One thing that keeps me from using it is no ability to extend the notes down, to more lines, instead of using one long line.
In other words, please make the boxes extendable in width as you write, not only in length.

very nice!!! Thank you!
Two requests: add 2 more levels of importance - orange and yellow
Now is only one, Red, which is most important.
...and ability to arrange the tasks according to Importance: Red, Orange, Yellow. Otherwise it's Perfect!

Nice app! But I would like to sort to-do's in categories. That's why I still prefer SimpleToDo.

Yeah, a free simple task manager thats worth while. Thank you Adam Fisher, Josh Holat, and Joel Levin