Version: 0.9.1 || Release Date: 2008-06-07 || License: Shareware (N/A) Developer: Claudio Procida | App Owner: claudiopro

Singular helps you to find and remove duplicate files on your Mac.

Scan for duplicates by dragging files & folders on its window or its Dock icon, or choose files from the open panel. Organize frequently scanned files & folders in a Quick Scan and launch it with a keystroke.

Featuring a new file scanner engine, Singular shows real scan progress and can be stopped at any time.

Singular keeps by default a copy for each file so you can safely trash duplicates. If you change your mind, Singular keeps a log of what and when something has been moved to the Trash with its original location.

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13 Opinions

This crashed on my 100gig HD, MBP. I open the HD, and it starts to scan, and crashes.

Can you please try again in the same conditions with v0.2? Thanks.

Tried to use it to clear out my 10-gig, uber-convoluted music folder.
It ground away for ~20 minutes, slowing down my whole system in the process, and finally crashed.

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