Version: 5.0.4 || Release Date: 2012-07-30 || License: Shareware ($4.95) Developer: YellowMug | App Owner: jayteo

control iTunes with keyboard shortcuts from any application

Have you ever wished you could control iTunes without leaving your current app? SizzlingKeys is an iTunes controller that lets you do just that - and more - in an intuitive and unobtrusive way.

Control iTunes. Whether it's to pause the player, adjust the volume, skip a track or rate a song, you can do all that and more with simple customizable keystrokes. That's not all. You can even search your iTunes Library or Playlists with a simple keystroke, all without switching to iTunes!

See what's playing. Why bring up iTunes just to see what's playing? SizzlingKeys features a floating window that shows you the current track info. Place it anywhere you wish on the screen by simply dragging it.

Easy setup. Having all the features you can imagine is useless if the app is difficult and confusing to use. That's why we make ease-of-use our top priority. Customizing SizzlingKeys cannot be easier.

Extras. SizzlingKeys is more than an iTunes controller. We figure since you are going to have a hot key app running in the background anyway, why not let it handle a few more functions? SizzlingKeys lets you optionally define hot keys for system functions like Sleep and Fast User Switching.

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This controller must use command key in EVERY custom shortcuts. But others can use control or alt key only as modify key.

Did I mention this is the only iTunes controller that knows how to manage memory? All the others leak something awful.

I love this, I just wish they would add the 'get lyrics' and 'download album artwork' features that gimmesometune has. Then I wouldn't need both installed.

A lot of utilities provide similar functionality - but what I find of great value and unique to sizzling keys is to be able to set a hotkey for "rewinding" just a couple of seconds. Its priceless if you need to listen for detail a couple of times.

I will use it beacuse of it's rating control... been looking fore something like that. Though i would prefer a remote function.

So glad I found this. It's perfect! Goodbye iMote!

I used this for a long time and liked it a lot, but now I've switched to ByteController because it's more responsive on my older machine. ByteController lacks the extra features of SizzlingKeys, but if all you want is play pause next last track, and Growl support, ByteController is the way to go.

Sorry, but I can do the exact same things with Quicksilver and without the annoyance of an additional Preference pane. Bleh. (Aside: apps that insist on a adding themselves to System Preferences tend to annoy me. Seems very self- important. Just use the regular preferences mechanism for crying out loud.)

Love it. Very fast and effective, with great functions.

And, after emailing the creator, we may have a "get album artwork" key soon :D

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