Version: 1.1.9 || Release Date: 2009-08-20 || License: Freeware Developer: Inventivesoft | App Owner: scaramangado

iTunes controller, "lyricfetcher" and more

Skeiron makes the application that Apple is known for even better: iTunes. It shows the artwork of the currently played track in the dock, shows information about it using Growl notifications and downloads lyrics as well as artworks automatically from the internet. Furthermore you can control iTunes via Skeiron very easily. In the future the control features will be extended step by step.
To do all this, Skeiron uses modern technology provided by Apple and requires Mac OS X 10.5 with iTunes 7 or later.

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The dev's website seems to be down, and this "SkeironHelper" background process won't disappear, even when force-quit from Activity Monitor. Since there's no uninstaller included, I don't seem to have a simple way to get rid of this background process that I have no use for.

When testing an app, I don't expect it to leave stuff running in the background. I don't care about the functionality it provides if I'm never going to run the actual app again.

Solution - go to your Home/Library/Application Support folder and delete the "inventiveSoft" folder, then force-quit the helper app in Activity Monitor again. Done!

This process takes care of launching Skeiron when iTunes is launched - nothing else. This is a very common technique on Mac OS X to offer a great usability to the customers. Please check that fact with the apps you have already installed.

To be fair, I should have said "background process" instead of "hidden process". It's easy to see what's going on with Activity Monitor and Mac's Accounts Preference pane. I'm also contacting the author to recommend an uninstaller.

Leaves behind a hidden process that starts up at user login - "SkeironHelper", even when main app is uninstalled. Untrustworthy.

Nice! Much more lightweight than CoverSutra for instance. Lovely UI