Version: 1.4 || Release Date: 2008-05-27 || License: Freeware Developer: omz:software | App Owner: omz

Stickies with tablet support and reminders.

SketchBox is a Sticky Notes Manager that supports graphical and text notes that can be used as reminders.

Notes can be arranged via drag'n'drop in the thumbnail view.

Each Sticky consists of three layers: The drawing canvas, a little text editor and an intuitive alarm timer that combines analog and digital elements.

While editing text the drawing layer is still visible in the semitransparent background and vice-versa.

You can stick individual notes to the Desktop if you don't want them to clutter Exposé or make them appear always on top for important things.

The drawing canvas has extensive support for graphics tablets with pressure sensitivity and you can use the backside of your pen as an eraser.

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9 Opinions

Nice idea, I like the capture-screenshot functionality, but it often crashes on me on snow leopard. It seems to get confused when I delete stickies.

Love it!
Would be nice to have the functionality to have it 'disappear' to the sidebar like sidenote does, though. :-)

This solved all my problems, but sadly it brought another one; with 10+ stickies floating, SketchBox behaves intolerably slow. This was my first choice, but I guess I'm switiching... i miss the organization window.

Way better than Stickies. The alarm is really cool, and you can draw pictures with a graphics tablet or even with your mouse if you click and drag. This is the best app ever!

It's already part of my important daily app. Quick notes while i was talking on the phone taking down FTP login, figures, measurements, temporary web addresses and quick scribbles, wonderful! It becomes very messy over time if one not prefer to use the "Category" feature, yes I am glad about this new feature, but I prefer to view all at once, you know.. it's just preference.

I do hope the future version may do cover-flow and more sorting options.

@bitnix : There is a preference not to show the main window on startup, so it gets less in the way. Hope this helps.

This is superb.

One thing that annoys me, though, is the window itself.

I'd like to see it window-less, and I suggest a status bar menu for it, which also optionally includes minuature thumbnails of the stickies.

Having the main window pop up at each program restart is somewhat... in the way of things.

Other than that, perfect app. Really impressing. And the alarm feat is put to great use (albeit I'm wishing I could set an alarm at a specific date/time also).

Very nice! Great idea for a stickies app. Makes me want to get a graphics tablet. Free to boot!