Version: 1.4.7 || Release Date: 2013-12-02 || License: BSD License App Owner: mcgpp

Skim is a free PDF reading and note-taking app for Mac OS X that is designed to make reading research papers and manuals better.

Just like in Preview, you can search, scan, and zoom through PDFs, but you also get some custom features for your workflow, like:
- Adding and editing notes
- Highlighting important text
- Making "snapshots" for reference
- Reading in full screen
- Giving presentations
and more.

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Skim is a very useful app, as previously documented here.
The only reason I still use preview is one bug in Skim when printing with the "reduce file size" quartz filter - instead of changeing the resolution, Skim changes the visible portion of the page, so you see only half of the slide :-(.
BTW current version should be 1.2 (38)

After I upgraded to Leopard, Preview began behaving very strangely, opening on my secondary (laptop) display instead of my main (external) display, which was a real drag literally. So I've found a solution in Skim for pdfs and ViewIt for most other image files. (Actually ViewIt will open pdfs also, but I like Skim's annotation features etc.

Looks interesting, but highlights don't work correctly for me: highlights on text in Skim doesn't show in Preview, nor in Acrobat Pro 8. :(
However, highlights done with Acrobat Pro 8, are displayed correctly, both in Skim and in Preview.

Skim is very useful for those who use Apple's Keynote on Leopard.

By cropping region in your pdf file using Skim, you can paste the region into Keynote. This very useful function that was unfortunately disabled on on Leopard.

Such a loveable app.

Hah, I like to see all the people who use this the same way I do. I have a professor this semester who provides almost all course material by PDF and I desperately needed a highlight feature. That and a plethora of other useful features makes Skim wonderful for me.

It's replaced Preview on my Mac. Has everything I need as a college student and probably has more. [Wish they'd make cross-platform versions... my university only uses PCs, bah.]

An awesome program. I just used it to go through all the journal articles I'd downloaded for an essay I was writing, and it just made the process of going through the articles on the computer painless. I am usually very much a pen and paper man, but this really made things simple.

Being disappointed with Preview I was looking for a decent PDF reader. I found Skim, which even exceeded my expectations. It is both powerful and easy to use application with many useful features. Some of my favorites are: predictable maximization (Preview always does strange things when I maximize), auto-refresh when file changes on disk (a must when generating PDFs from LaTeX), presentation mode (for my Beamer slides), but there are many other features (like bookmarks and notes) that may be useful to you!

Simply unrivaled

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