Version: 1.4.7 || Release Date: 2013-12-02 || License: BSD License App Owner: mcgpp

Skim is a free PDF reading and note-taking app for Mac OS X that is designed to make reading research papers and manuals better.

Just like in Preview, you can search, scan, and zoom through PDFs, but you also get some custom features for your workflow, like:
- Adding and editing notes
- Highlighting important text
- Making "snapshots" for reference
- Reading in full screen
- Giving presentations
and more.

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Since updating to El Capitan, SKIM has been freezing constantly. I can scroll, but any use of the search function leads to a "App not responding" and having to force quit.

The notes and highlights don't show in other PDF readers (eg:, Chrome PDF plugin). Export as 'PDF with embedded notes' for this to work (See FAQ).

Also, can't add bookmarks to PDF. (eg: like Foxit Reader (Windows)).

(actually it's the last 5 pages)

A subtle but brilliant feature of Skim is that when you have the contents pane open on the left, showing page thumbnails, it uses a dark blue highlight to highlight the page you're on, but also a medium and light blue highlight to show the last two pages you were on. This is incredibly convenient if you are jumping from the text of an article to the bibliography or footnotes.

Amazing! Skim is unbeatable for people who take notes in PDFs. You can search Skim notes in other apps, like BibDesk, Leap, EagleFiler, the Finder, and Spotlight.

Here's a tip for Skim users: download BSP and add Skim notes to it by clicking on + and choosing a .skim file. Now, whenever you use Spotlight, individual Skim notes will appear in a separate group in the search results. You can also create Saved Searches (a.k.a. Smart Folders) in the Finder to search only your Skim notes.

a little better than Preview.
Why it isn't possible to assign internal links??? (big question)

Combined with my 24" imac this is taking me a long way towards the utopia of a paperless office. I use it for highlighting key points texts and research papers and then simply copy the automated notes it creates into my own study notes document. Great app. Would be great to see the annotations in preview, maybe I'm missing something.

An excellent and extremely useful little piece of software, much better than OS X's Preview.

A FANTASTIC app. I've used it to mark up research papers and it's great.

One complaint I see on this page is that you can't view annotations you make with Skim in other PDF editors. That's because Skim doesn't modify the actual PDF. It stores the "skim notes" in a separate file. You can still export the file as a PDF with embedded notes though... so you CAN share the annotations with others.

i hate this, i tried it... when you open the PDF's in preview, the notes aren't saved... so there's no point in sharing the PDF with others cuz they can't see your notes. best way to edit a PDF is probably with Illustrator or Acrobat Pro.

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