Version: 1.0.1 || Release Date: 2009-11-18 || License: Shareware ($20) Developer: Ringce | App Owner: lakshmivyas

Designer's Geometry Box

  • 8 way resizable sculpted frame and ruler
  • Flexible origins
  • Layers can be used to section the canvas
  • Overlays add grids within the layers
  • Uniform(Typographical grid), Fibonacci Section, Golden Section & Harmonious (equal) distributions
  • Screenshots with or without the grid
  • Clickthrough mode for interacting with the objects below.
  • Magnifier, Crosshair and color picker

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4 Opinions

@chrisbenson : The new Slammer has been out for a while. Would love to know if it brought back your excitement :)

@chrisbenson : The crashes are because of Snow Leopard incompatibility. I agree with the rest of your issues. I am getting ready to release a new version that should take care if all these issues and more.

I was excited about this software, but it just keeps crashing and when it does work, it's very squirrelly and unintuitive. Either the grid disappears behind the application window, or if I set it to "Always Keep On Top" then I cannot use the application that I'm trying to work on... so what's the point of a grid app if you cannot see it when you're in another app?

Why I downloaded this I'm not sure? Probably because it will piss off my girlfriend.