Sleep Blaster

Version: 1.1.1 || Release Date: 2009-12-03 || License: Shareware ($8) Developer: The Byte Factory | App Owner: thebytefactory

The alarm clock that actually turns off when you yell at it!

Ever wished you could just yell at your alarm clock, and it would turn off? Does reaching across the bed use too much energy in the morning? We hear you. Waking up should be an easier process, right? Now it is. Sleep Blaster is the alarm clock of the future. When the alarm rings, it gives you a chance to yell. When it hears you, it will stop the alarm! It’s that simple.

But there’s more: Sleep Blaster doesn’t let you make mistakes. With its revolutionary Stupidity Prevention System technology, Sleep Blaster will notice if you set the alarm for an unlikely hour, and will make sure you know what you’re doing!

And more still: Sleep Blaster doesn't just blast you awake - it can also put you to sleep. Use either the iTunes sleep timer, or the algorithm-based ocean wave generator to calm yourself into slumber.

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