Version: 1.0b || Release Date: 2011-09-20 || License: Freeware App Owner: kly

Sleipnir is a sleek new native web browser for the Mac

Simple & Essential
All the essential functions for a web browser are included in the minimalist design. Despite its simple looking, you can find a full set of mostly used functions.

Tabs and Tab Groups
Opened tabs are displayed in thumbnails. Tab Groups, one of the favorable functions of Sleipnir Mobile, has been mounted.

This is a new way to find a wanted webpage at once. PinchIn on the trackpad.

Functional Address
Page address is usually displayed small with necessary functions. Click to insert address.

Smart Bookmark Management
FenrirFS, managing bookmarks smartly with labels, lets you sort out frequently visited pages with flexibility.

Bookmarks Bar
You can use Bookmarks Bar if you like. It is usually displayed faintly for better view. The color of a label shows up when the cursor is put on.

A progress bar that indicates the sum of all files is shown only while downloading files. It will be automatically hidden when download finishes.

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