Version: 1.5 || Release Date: 2009-10-01 || License: Freeware App Owner: supermike

SlimBatteryMonitor is a replacement power gauge for Apple's Mac OS X that tracks both laptop batteries and many UPS batteries. Multiple-battery systems (e.g. older powerbooks) are supported as well. A graphical icon shows the power remaining, and can be accompanied by a text description (battery charge in percent, or time remaining). Colours can indicate whether the system is fully charged, charging or on battery.

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1.4 is a universal binary and appears to be Leopard-compatible.

The horizontal bar graph set below time or percent is super small -- love it!

One of my favorite things about this, is that you can make the icon invisible when the battery's plugged in and fully charged.

Anything to eat less menubar space. Plus I haven't had any issues with 1.3 on my MBP, it works fine with Rosetta.

I completely agree with shadowhound.
Why do I like it? More options than the Apple one, and IT'S SMALLER! Finally.

The 1.4 version has just been released, it is now a Universal Binary.

From the web site:
"Does SlimBatteryMonitor support Intel macs? When will a universal binary be available?

The current version of SlimBatteryMonitor has been reported by several users to run fine on Intel Macs. (It runs seamlessly in Apple's Rosetta emulator.)

A new version of SlimBatteryMonitor with a few small new features is currently in development. When that version is released it will be in the new Universal Binary format that will run natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based mac computers."

Indespensible app for a 12" laptop with very little room to spare in the menu bar.

I like this simply because it takes up less space on the menubar.

For the record, this is not universal, at least not with the 1.3 release.