Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2010-03-01 || License: Freeware App Owner: dweller

SL-NTFS is a preference Pane that allow you to enable writing on NTFS disks via the Apple driver. A daemon is also available, it warns you when a NTFS disk is mounted and if writing is not enabled it asks you if you want to enable it, or can enable it automatically.

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1 Opinion

This program works great! I have a white MacBook that I got into 64-bit mode, but every time I'd use Paragon NTFS, I'd go back to 32-bit mode and have to redo the modification for my kernel. I decided to give this program a shot, and it works without screwing up my mod! I would recommend this to anybody, because it is easy to use, small size, and hey it's free!