Version: 1.3.9 || Release Date: 2014-09-03 || License: Shareware ($20) Developer: Chen Luo | App Owner: chenluo

Batch minify HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript on the Mac

Smaller is a powerful HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript compressor on Mac OS X which also has the ability to combine several files into one. CSS and JavaScript compression is powered by YUI Compressor while for HTML and PHP compression it uses htmlcompressor. It's definitely a must have for every Mac based web developers.

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Smaller 1.1.5 released with the new Combine /Concatenate feature! It's now possible to combine several CSS or JS files into one via the right-click menu.

Smaller 1.1.4 released! It's ready for Lion!

Smaller 1.1 released, with Auto Scroll, UI fine tuning and more!

Smaller 1.0.7 now updated with the latest YUI Compressor 2.4.6, enjoy!

Smaller 1.0.5 released today!
It can now now remember its last opened window size and position.
New option in preferences - "Don't import the files already with a .min suffix", to exclude the files already minified when importing.
Updated to the latest YUI Compressor 2.4.5.

Smaller 1.0.3 releases today with new preferences option! It's now able to override where minified files will be saved to. Read details from release notes.

Smaller 1.0.2 releases with Quick Look support. Select an item in minify queue and hit space bar. It's very useful to quick preview the code.

Since Smaller 1.0.1, price reduces to $15 from $25 so that more people can afford it, previous purchasers will get $10 refund. Enjoy!

AFAIK, it's the first GUI for YUI Compressor on the Mac, love it!

I've been looking for a GUI for YUI Compressor for a long time, and this app is just what I want. Very good app!