Version: 2.4 || Release Date: 2012-08-21 || License: GPL Developer: Hendrik Holtmann | App Owner: sujay

FanControl lets the user adjust the minimum speed of the built in fans. So you can increase the minimum speed to make your Intel Mac run cooler, as well as monitor temperature and fan speed.

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Usually I keep my early 2008 macbook @ 2500rpm. It's still quiet and keep the cpu a little colder (which is great). When I play games I put @ max (6200rpm). The fan would increase to max anyways, so I just let it running cooler for a little more.

@enjourni : a minor increase of your fans' rpm from the default value is pretty harmless. of-course bumping it up to twice the default speed is ridiculous, but increasing it 200, 300 or even 500 rpm, is actually beneficial in certain circumstances, especially on some early macbook pros (and other mac laptops).

this program should not be used as a permanent solution for frequent crashes though. if your mac is getting too hot and you're experiencing kernel panics or your system freezes, that is most likely an issue with the logic board.

on the other hand, if your mac is in good shape, a small increase of your fans' rpm speed does no harm.

No, no, no... don't use this- take it from a guy who fixes macs for a living, running this program will screw up your mac. If you're fans aren't running right, call apple or an apple specialist and have them fix your computer. Forcing your fans to run faster then they are supposed to is just asking for trouble.

@othala works fine on my macbook running 10.5.4

This program doesn't work at all. I have Macbook Pro 2.3 ghz, 2 gb ram, leopard OS X.

doesn't change fan rpm at all..

I'm giving up on this app .. I found something better

If someone wants to maintain this .. please claim it .. I dubt I'll be updating new releases

Why, oh God, WHY is it brushed metal?

Works as advertised, though.

This is a good app. It works as advertised. My MBP runs 15 deg C cooler at 3000 rpm.

The UI is just fine - I don't need 7 tabs and 9 submenus to control a few settings. It does what it says - controls min fan speed. If you want to do that - this works. If you're not so fond of the smell of hot plastic - try this.

I find the user 'ninja' 's complaints on the GUI of this app completely unsupported. I think it looks pretty nice, can be run next to other windows, not taking up too much size, and certainly not crammed full. It also utilizes grid design, and thus, goes by Apple's strict HIG (Human Interface Guidelines).

Besides, I love the app. Put my Macbook Pro from the 60-70-ish degrees Centrigrade to 40-50 (went from 1000 to 2500 rpm at idle).

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