Version: 5.0 || Release Date: 2012-08-14 || License: GPL App Owner: arne

Smultron is an open-source text editor written in Cocoa for Mac OS X with many of the features that you need. You can easily work with many documents and select one quickly in a list.

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Appearance & behavior of Smultron are extremely customizable. Unlike WYSIWYG editors with pre-set buttons, you can create your own menus & shortcuts. Store code snippets & page templates that you use frequently. This makes coding so much faster. Modify the menus as your knowledge of coding grows. Edit files on a web server by connecting an ftp app to Smultron (works with Cyberduck). User manual is easy to understand. App is frequently updated. Developer responds to questions, improves app based on user feedback & suggestions.

New great icons for the toolbar, since 3.5. Very nice, finally. ;-)

Is awsome!!!

Good enough for its price, but no comparison to TextMate.
Icons are ugly, as many have already pointed…

as of 3.3 the author has ditched support for the tens of thousands of mac users who haven't upgraded to leopard. :(

I've regularly had really bad experiences with this app, despite desperately wanting to like it for all its nice features.
One of my biggest complaints: it's downright HORRIBLE at wrapping text, taking a massive amount of time to resize the window or even display it in the first place. Want an example? Try opening a large CSV file, or many auto-created HTML files. They can literally take several minutes just to display, and of course the whole application is unresponsive until then. The same thing happens any time you change the window size, because it re-calculates wrapping. To make it worse, it re-calculates WHILE YOU DRAG, making a simple resize take 10+ minutes sometimes. Yes, I have large files.
On top of that, it seems to regularly lose my preferences (or maybe it just ignores them sometimes), forget my project files (files vanish from projects occasionally, or fall out of the "Recent" menu), and the syntax coloring has failed miserably at times, and also adds significantly to the launch time of large files. The auto-update doesn't even recognize what OS version it's dealing with, and offers the Leopard-only update to non-Leopard users.

Before I really start using this, it's got to have some massive underlying changes. The text wrapping issue alone makes it totally unusable for many of my files that most other editors (free or otherwise) open and color in a fraction of a second.

Currently, my vote for this app is: amazingly slow, buggy, and needs a complete re-write, but it'll probably never get it. Which is a shame, as it shows a lot of promise.
Anyone know of an app that mimics Notepad++? THAT is an example of a good editor.

It still needs to auto-complete my HTML (I know the apple+t function) and then it's the perfect editor. I already mailed the author to request this function a year ago or something, but i don't think he will ever make it.
I'm still searching for a free editor what does the autocomplete stuff (just like Coda and skedit).

Great in many ways, but 3.0 is crashing occasionally without warning and beachballing for minutes at a time when searching modest sized documents (e.g. a 20K text file, with 1460 matches for the search string).

nice application, nice interface. But hard to run program.

Ok, I've got one small complaint about this application (and its really small... I still use Smultron almost daily)... but version 3 breaks the way I work with the app because it automatically closes windows when there are no documents open (and I'm not a fan of starting with a new blank document... maybe if it closed when I opened another document). However, that complaint made, this really is a wonderful application and one that keeps getting better and better... Thank you very much Peter Borg.

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