Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2007-07-01 || License: Commercial with demo (EUR 14.95) Developer: Economy-x-Talk | App Owner: factoryjoe

Snapper is a screen recorder. It lets you capture a movie of your screen while you are working. Snapper is an excellent tool for creating demonstrative animation movies. You can use this utility also to explain your friend how to do a particular task and if you are a software beta tester you probably want to make movies to show the developer what is going on. Using Apple's latest QuickTime technology, snapper creates high-quality movies for professional demonstrations as well as tiny movie clips suitable for e-mail.

Features in first version:

  • capture screen into movies
  • optionally double the play rate of created movies
  • save movies in all available QuickTime formats
  • variable recording speed

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1 Opinion

Where is the mouse cursor in the recorded videos? At least, in the demo video on the product's website, the cursor was left out. :/