SNCF Schedules

Version: 1.2.8 || Release Date: 2009-07-05 || License: Freeware Developer: Jean-Daniel Guyot | App Owner: androse

Find the schedules of the French railroad system.

  • Find the quickest itinerary between two stations
  • Get details about means of transport
  • Obtain stations timetables
  • Search your train by number or code
  • Print your results

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The developer has stopped releasing updates, latest version can be downloaded here:

NB: the latest version isn't always up-to-date, check comments (French).

NB: if you have your OS in english, but want to have this app in French because it makes more sense, you can do this with LangSwitch.

Screenshot upload doesn't work, so here is a link:

Actually, launching a second instance of an application can also be done with the Quicksilver action 'launch a copy'. (Requires the Process Manipulation Actions plug-in and enabling advanced features.)

Note: having two modes at the same time is possible by launching the app twice. :)
One can change CFBundleIdentifier in the Infol.plist to do that.

Very nice & very useful app! :)
One small feature wish: it would be nice to be able to have two modes at the same time, eg: 'itineraries search' and 'station timetables'.