Version: 0.8.2 || Release Date: 2013-10-31 || License: Freeware Developer: Snippets | App Owner: prudnikov

The best and most powerful *code snippets manager* available.

Snippets is a set of tools ans services designed for collecting and organizing of code snippets, reusing then in different project and sharing with the team or publicly.

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New icon was a bit disappointing. Too busy, too many details.

One suggestion could be to reduce the puzzle pieces to just one, for simplicity. Not sure if the puzzle piece metaphor is the most optimal. Perhaps something like lego piece would be closer to the concept of keeping bits of code of which you build larger things.

Sorry for commenting rubbish, but I think this app deserves a better icon. If it hadn't been a promising app, I wouldn't care.

Latest version has got a ‘File > Save Library (Command-S)’ menu item :)

That what I was looking for all day. Thanks, outstanding app. Simple and logical interface. But, as someone mentioned before, where is the save button? :).

You can save the Library manually starting from 0.8.1.

And, to be a little extra picky, I'd like to see a smarter search function. Something with the qualities of TextMate's or LaunchBar's ditto, where you can type just about any letters and by fuzzy logic and some magic sparks, whatever you search for is always found.

There's only one pretty huge bit that I'm missing in this app:

A more dedicated mechanism for storing and presenting clippings of information. Right now, it's mostly geared towards managing snippets of code. But often times I use to copy scattered pieces of info stuff on the web.

Otherwise, I'm still in love with this product.

Quite a reasonable explanation :) Thank you.
How about periodic auto-saves? Is it acceptable solution?

aww man, you can't be serious...
what do you think will happen if the app crashes? or your mac? all the data typed in between the last app-startup and the crash will be gone.
and i'm not willing to restart the app everytime i type something in it just to save my stuff.

Could you please specify why do you need to have the data saved while application is running? Thanks.

great snippets application, but where's the save option? you have to quit the application to save your code snippets.

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