Version: 1.0.1 || Release Date: 2006-12-27 || License: Shareware ($18.00) Developer: Colovo Design | App Owner: icecoldsw

Don't have time to read blogs?
Socialist is a revolutionary social bookmark manager that works with and your RSS feeds. You can quickly and easily subscribe to friends and tags on or to an RSS feed to get the latest information.
Your bookmarks anywhere!
Don't you hate it when you bookmark something at work but can't find it on your home computer? Socialist uses the service to publish your bookmarks online. Just login using your account at home and Socialist will update with your latest bookmarks.

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5 Opinions

Website and download unavailable. App abandoned?

Lovely name.

Very buggy, and fairly crash-tastic. It's a neat idea, but I find it short on functionality. Once some of the bugs get worked out, though, I think it'll be the best way to edit my bookmarks from the desktop.

To buggy, this release.

Excited to see Ma.gnolia support coming in 1.2!