Social Pro

Version: 1.18 || Release Date: 2013-12-20 || License: Freeware App Owner: joymlarson

If you have accounts on different social networking sites and you’re looking to manage all your favorite services at one single application - Social Pro is the solution for you.

Social Pro is a collection of social management tools that is ideal for people who use multiple social network accounts. It is the only Mac-native multi social network client, and it saves you time by following statuses on Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

No more jumping from site to site to monitor, update and engage your social services at the speed of real time. No need to open it up in a web browser, or have it clutter your workspace.

With the advanced instant notification and chat features, Social Pro is the most comprehensive solution on the market.

Main Features:
★ Login your Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Gmail accounts
★ Instant messaging on different client like Facebook Chat and GTalk.
★ The Social icon at menu bar shows you at-a-glance if you have unread messages, notifications or friend requests.
★ Preview of incoming chat messages

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