Sofa Control

Version: 2.9.1 || Release Date: 2009-08-28 || License: Commercial with demo ($15) App Owner: sigalakos

Take control of your Apple Remote Control. Control many apps from your sofa, with powerful Applescripts. Let's you use Apple Remote Control with popular apps like VLC, Net Newswire, Preview, Safari, Dashboard, iTunes, iPhoto, Front Row and so on.

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7 Opinions

Best program for the apple remote.

Cool app!

Bought it after using it for 2 minutes ;)

It's the only software i have ever paid for. I really like it

@teradome Sofa Control 2.0 beta1 is out and has solved this admitedly annoying bug. Furthermore there are a lot of great new stuff added (like virtual mouse) and worths another try. It is an indispensable component for my Mac mini HTPC.

I've informed the authors about how Sofa Control won't wake a computer from a screen saver when it's used but they have yet to apply a fix -- this is a few months old now. I haven't been able to use it since I first noticed the problem (have a Mac mini HTPC setup) and am finally giving up on it and going to Remote Buddy.

Sofa Control seems like it might be just what I have been looking for. I use VLC for it's AC3 passthrough compatability and sofa control's sofa mode looks like it has a simple full screen GUI to launch my movies. I will have to check this out.