Version: 1.9 || Release Date: 2006-07-19 || License: Shareware (US$27) Developer: Smallware LLC | App Owner: alderete

Solitaire is a mental challenge, not a mindless diversion. Why make it easy? For those who enjoy the satisfaction of a game well played, Solavant is hard. No easy games, stacked shuffles, hints, cheats or hollow victories. It's just you versus the cards in 200 games of solitaire for Mac.

Challenge yourself with Solavant. It's easy to use yet does absolutely nothing to help you win. Download 100 free deals and have fun working your mind with Solavant solitare for Mac OSX.

Work your mind. Play your Solavant!

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2 Opinions

Solavant is my favorite solitaire suite. 200 card games and a beautifull set of deck. I wait impatiently for the version 2.0. Bring it on Smallware!

I love Smallware's Palm version and when I heard that they had a Mac version I downloaded it right away. An excellent solitaire with all the best types.